The Rogers Digital Media Kit

Rogers Digital is a leading Australian premium content and experience business. Our digital brands inform Australian men and women through our news and magazine content across brands including,, The, Mother’, Father',,,,, and Be informed.

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10/130 Jonson Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia
ABN 59 596 763 611
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P - 1300 660 660


Liaison with public relations professionals

At Rogers Digital, we work with public relations professionals to devise online campaigns to promote their client's products, se...

Affiliate marketing and banner ads

At Rogers Digital, we place banner ads on behalf of advertisers who wish to reach the huge audience that is attracted to our web...

Editorial sponsorship for businesses by Rogers Digital

At Rogers Digital we are often asked to create content to order by business people and influencers who wish to promote a product...

Rogers Digital publishes Sponsored Posts

Rogers Digital accepts sponsored posts across all of its network. If you need to promote a business, a product or a service, Ro...

Website content creation by

Rogers Digital journalists and columnists create content for business websites every day. Our content is used on other people's ...

Rogers Digital business website building provides a website building service. From local business marketing pages to full on commercial eCommerce sites...

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